About Acupuncture

“I help people heal and restore pain-free balance, vitality and health by helping them implement healthy habits and eliminate unnecessary medications, using 22 years experience with acupuncture, Chinese medicinal herbs, and bodywork.” More…

Acupuncture is a modality of Oriental Medicine (also known as Traditional Chinese Medicine), a time-tested medical system thousands of years old for diagnosing and treating common health problems.

The super-thin needles used in acupuncture have no drugs on them. You may occasionally feel a light prick, and it’s very relaxing as it restores balance in your body. Patients often fall asleep during their treatment.

Acupuncture stimulates your body to better function and heal itself. It helps balance your autonomic nervous system by turning off your body’s ‘fight or flight’ mode and turning on its ‘rest, digest, and heal’ mode.

Local effects include increased circulation to promote healing. Systemic effects include the release of endorphins – naturally occurring pain-killing substances within your body that promote relaxation and healing.

Acupuncture also modulates your perception of pain by changing the pattern of nerve conduction, and can also modify your brain’s actual interpretation of pain signals.

Chinese herbal medicine, another modality of Oriental medicine, is a highly refined system of natural medicine. It uses plant, animal, and mineral products to bring your physiology back in to balance and complements the acupuncture you receive. I use only high-quality, rigorously tested Chinese herbal formulas that match your specific constitution and health condition.

What do Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine help?

Pains & Aches, Stress Reduction, Insomnia,

Fatigue, Digestive Issues, Chronic Illness,

Allergies, Men’s and Women’s Health Issues

History of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine

Oriental Medicine evolved in Asia and has its roots in China, going back several thousand years. It is a system of medicine that views the body, its physiology and its relation ship to the environment with the goal of creating and maintaining balance. Oriental Medicine is used to understand and diagnose what is happening in the body. Based on a diagnosis, a treatment plan is developed that utilizes various modalities, including: acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, body work, nutritional and lifestyle counseling, therapeutic exercises and more. As a practice, Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine spread throughout Eastern Asia, and now grows and thrives in the United States. As a long-time resident and practitioner in the San Francisco Bay Area, to which many of these streams of knowledge converge, I’ve learned the best this medicine has to offer and share this with my patients.

Acupuncture Today

Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine successfully treats most illnesses and prevents them as well. Over one quarter of the world’s population currently uses Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine for their primary healthcare. As it interacts with Western science and forms partnerships and shared understanding, it becomes a key feature of what is known today as “Integrative Medicine” or “Complementary Medicine.”

Creating Balance

Because it is holistic in nature, Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine treat not only symptoms, but the root of problems, and compels your body’s natural healing capacity to better function and help you heal more quickly. It treats your whole mind and body with the goal of creating balance. In addition to reducing physical pain and discomfort, you’ll find that acupuncture will increase relaxation, restoration and energy. As your body and mind come into balance, your life will do the same.

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