What is Chinese herbal medicine?

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As part of your treatment under my care, you may find that I’ll prescribe a Chinese herbal formula for you to take. Chinese herbal medicine is a highly refined system of natural medicine that uses plant, animal, and mineral products to bring your body’s physiology back in to balance and complements the acupuncture that you are also receiving.

The Chinese herbal formula you take usually has anywhere from 5 to 20 herbs in it. Each herb in the formula has on the average about 5 active chemical substances that affect change in the body, so if a formula has 15 herbs in it we’re looking at 75 active chemicals. Because the actual dosage of any particular single chemical in a traditional Chinese formula is so low, the chance of side effects are also very low. This makes Chinese herbal formulas very safe.

This is in contrast to Western medicine where each drug is composed of a single, pure, active chemical that causes lots of side effects. The analogy I like to use is comparing a single sledge hammer to make change in the body instead of many small levers.

The herbal formula I give you will most likely be in tablet form. If your case is complex and requires a custom formula, I would write you a prescription that you could either pick up directly from an herbal dispensary or I could have it drop shipped to you. There is an additional cost for herbal formulas.

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